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Buy Lubricant Gel @ ₹ 539/-
LoveEasy Unisex Natural Organic Personal Lubricant Gel, 50ml

Great for vaginal, anal and oral use. 100 % natural - why use artificial personal lubricant gel when mother nature created this unique lubricant - feels like natural lubrication produced by body.

Luxurious and without odour. It naturally has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Use it on any part of body - it moisturizes and lubricates. It does not stain and washes clean. It is edible in small quantity so won't interfere with your adventure

Long lasting - a few drops will go a long way - gives natural feeling so partners can enjoy the experience fearlessly. Tested and safe to use with condoms, rubber, silicon or sex toys

Use it as massage serum on your partner's body to enhance the intimate and romantic experience. Great for the body skin too

Discreet label for indian family situations - has no mention of lubrication on the label. Made with pure organic liquid jojoba wax. without glycerin/paraben. It is not a contraceptive or spermicide

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